North Bank Park Columbus

When creating this piece, I wanted to capture the vibe of the city.  My objective was to feature a cross section of individuals from all lifestyles in a vibrant setting. I chose North Bank Park as the location. The park is centrally located and features a wonderful backdrop of the city. My research consisted of doing Google searches and a couple of visits to the park to survey the lay out. I begin with creating the background and gradually working into the foreground. Each structure is broken down into different planes prior to considering color and fabrics. My only apparatus is the xacto knife. It allows me to make precise cuts and gain control over rugged fabrics such as denim. Each heavily layered piece is arranged strategically to give the illusion of a painting when viewed from a distance of 3 feet out.

Convention Center

Learn more about the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

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Don DonCee Coulter

Columbus native Don DonCee Coulter, a multi-media artist influenced by family, hip-hop culture and a man dedicated to using art to help the youth in his community. He discovered his love for art at an early age, a talent inherited from his grandfather, father & uncle. As he grew up, hip-hop became a big influence in his life & pop culture. DonCee found his niche in the movement by designing clothes for break-dancers & hip-hop artists. With his newfound talents, Coulter later decided to take a fashion design course while attending college – which furthered his interest in working with fabrics and designing clothes. After college, he began working as an illustrator for various companies & publications. He soon formed his own company ‘1201 Art Designs’ and later joined Purpose Magazine as an illustrator & cartoonist. In 2001, he decided to pursue his passion and began working primarily with fabrics. DonCee’s works vary from the tranquil forest meadows to an urban crawl buzzing with life, to jazz musician pulling a long note. Every piece of the artist’s collection poses tiny details of the

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