Drexel Theatre

Amanda H. Cook is a local artist whose realistic oil paintings depict neon signs. Alexander Jeney is also a local artist whose interests include LEGO®️brick building. Over a two year period, these two artists brought their specialties together created “Drexel Theatre”, a large mosaic tile piece created entirely of Lego®️bricks. This piece depicts a favorite local landmark, the Drexel Theatre sign, located on Main Street in Bexley, Ohio. Jim Reese

Convention Center

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Amanda Cook

Amanda Hope Cook is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. Highly influenced and inspired by her father, artist Marion B. Cook, Amanda spent her first years immersed in learning the disciplines of painting and drawing. In 1994, she was awarded a scholarship to the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio where she double majored in Fine Art and Illustration and minored in Visual Communications. Since graduating with a BFA in 1999, Amanda has consistently practiced fine art with oil painting as her primary medium. She is currently producing a series of representational urban paintings with landmark neon signs as their subject matter.



Alexander Jeney
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