Distant Correspondence

My painting, “Distant Correspondence” weaves together elements of my life and dreams, reflecting much that I absorb throughout the day and night. My aim is to capture the density of life by creating a painting that is rich with images and texture. It is a process whereupon I build layers of oil paint, cold wax, drawing elements, and collage. I wanted this piece to have a complex history, like the strata of the earths crust. The images I depict have their roots in elements of my family life, past and present. Growing up with both parents being research scientists, ( my fathers field being plant genetics, my mothers child psychology) I became fascinated with the natural world and was encouraged to read, climb trees, draw pictures, collect rocks, and to build a rich imagination ( I had 13 imaginary friends including a dog named Rocky). I grew up watching Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, and of course Saturday morning cartoons. All this fostered a love of learning about the world. I consider painting a research method, a process that will happily keep me busy for a long time

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Deborah Griffing
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